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Oh guys right as Im selling my Peugeot 206 this one kind of sprung spine because not many people know what a VC is and what this video is gonna be explaining to you is what what v5c is and how it works and what parts to film when you go and buy either a new or used car so what this is what a v5c is and what this does is its basically the registration of your of the car and as it does say on the top is not this document is not proof of ownership well that does is is basically just a copy for you to keep for you know so well to show that you are registered for it and that you have got it in that the government know about it so lets just go through the steps right so what youll see on the top here is is a number pori just roundabout there that is the number that you use for when you go and touch your vehicle what it will ask is is for is you know in last year for 11 digit v5c number and so what that does is that number there is on the governments database and our place is tell well that will go and tell you or may even for how much the tax is on your car and obviously taxes based on emissions and all that source is appreciated but thats how it works so here is on section one of the first page is where the addresses are obviously off obviously Ive hit in mine but thats pretty way addresses and just make sure when you do get your certificate that it is correct it should be correct because this is what theyre gonna put through the enveloping thats what the postman is going to see and then for underneath on section two is the previous keeper record and basically what they have to do is though obviously if theres any problems with registration or something isnt quite right and they need a reference to go back to the previous owner of it obviously the DVLA will see that they will say why okay we need to send another letter to so-and-so and Im not gonna say the guy is on this on this document has obviously he could not be watching or friends or family or whatever so obviously thats a previous register keeper and also uh now to say for when the vehicle was quiet and obviously thats when the previous owner bought it and also they will say also for the number of former keepers now thats also just the government record really and just showing you how many previous key keepers are the Vig well how many previous keepers the vehicle has had and also if you say four night special notes but for mine on this one just says declared new at first registration so thats right now nothing too bad now for this bit this is quite important on this part so this basically this is basically the stuff that the government needs to know from you right so for that at the top there will be your register keeper so thats all seized you can see probably see my first name popping up if Ive got a sim focus I have that see my name pop it out a bit there so yeah and so then also you fill in Section six which looks which looks like that basically on yes in focus a little bit maybe to see a...
What is v62 form?
A V62 form is an official DVLA document that is used to make an application for a replacement V5C registration document if you have not been given one when purchasing a new vehicle, or if a V5C has not arrived from DVLA within 6 weeks of registering the vehicle.
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